SmartMarker - Straumann Compatible - Prosthetic (10pk)
SmartMarker - Straumann Compatible - Prosthetic (10pk)

SmartMarker - Straumann Compatible - Prosthetic (10pk)

The SmartMarker is for use with implant beam-type torque wrenches and is designed to eliminate a leading cause of implant failure: under or over-tightening of the implant screw.

The SmartMarker ensures that implant torque specifications are achieved by:

  • Providing a readable maximum torque value achieved.
  • Eliminating measurement read error due to parallax when using beam-type torque wrenches in implant procedures.
  • Confirm implant health (reverse torque test) more accurately.

Compatible with Straumann Prosthetic beam-type torque wrenches, Straumann Prosthetic (Stainless) 046.049. Floss safety tether included.

Sold in packs of 10. Please contact for special pricing on bulk orders.

This product is single-use and for dental use only. Use as directed. Please refer to Instructions for Use. Designed and manufactured in USA. 

Read more on Perio-Implant Advisory.

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Easy to Use in 3 Steps

1. Slide the marker onto the beam to the zero position, lining up the markers on the same side.

2. Activate the beam wrench. The SmartMarker will slide freely and record the maximum torque achieved.

3. Read the torque value, indicated by the arrow.


No, the SmartMarker is single-use only and designed using a special polymer for low friction when sliding on the beam torque wrench. If sterilized in an autoclave, the heat will alter the friction and may produce false readings.

This is not recommended as different torque wrenches have variations in size and design. SmartMarkers are designed as a precise fit for compatible products listed in the product description. Contact us at with any further questions.